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solar lighting automation

Solar power

The solar power is associated to solar radiation and it is the primary source of power on the earth which makes life possible.

From this power, al least all the other power sources available for mankind derive more or less directly [...]

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A correct use of the light must keep into account the quality of the architectural space in order to create a possible interaction between the buildings and the sorrounding space.

The lamps conatitutes the core of every lighting system [...]

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Home automation

Home automation is the science about the application of electronics and IT (Information Technology) in the organization of home life.

Born during the Third Industrial Revolution its purpose was that of studying, finding instruments and strategies, to build intelligent homes [...]

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Last project

last project: Arconate civic tower

Arconate (Milano) civic tower lighting project

12 / 2014

Our new website is finally on-line!

01 / 2015

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